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Helping individuals and families begin the journey of recovery.

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Addiction is a debilitating disease that has the potential to cripple the lives of those addicted as well as the lives of their loved ones if not properly treated. Like so many of our dearest friends and family members, Joe Capela once found himself entrenched in the dark world of drug and alcohol abuse. Fortunately for Joe, he had friends and family who cared enough, and who were dedicated enough, to get Joe the treatment he so desperately needed. In 1989 Joe was the subject of an intervention. This intervention provided the impetus for Joe to finally face his demons head-on. Joe has now been in recovery for more than three decades.

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Joe has a passion to help those who find themselves in the dire straits in which he once found himself. Joe has immersed himself in the field of addiction/dual diagnosis counseling and treatment.

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If you have a loved one suffering from addiction, consider an intervention and begin the journey to recovery.

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