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Joe is a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor - Certified Addiction Specialist (CADC-CAS). He has utilized various methods of intervention and while he tailors the method of intervention to the client’s individual needs, he has found that the Johnson Intervention Model and the ARISE Model, along with his motivational interviewing techniques tends to yield the best results for both the addicts and family members alike.

What sets Joe apart from other specialists is his unique experiences with addiction/dual diagnosis. Joe treats each of his clients and their families with genuine humanity that is unparalleled in the field of drug and alcohol counseling.

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Serving Nationally & Internationally


Helping your loved one bring their addiction to light.

Sober Coaching

Providing support on your journey to recovery.

Case Management

Managing treatment and early recovery needs.

Treatment Center Counseling

Setting your treatment center up for success.

"Joe Capela is the consummate professional with an in-depth knowledge of the disease of addiction and its impact on families. Joe is knowledgeable, compassionate, and intuitive. If I had a family member in need of an intervention, Joe would be my first call."

Mike Neatherton, CEO SolutionPoint Behavioral Health

"Joe is my “go to” interventionist. I  have had the opportunity to refer to and work directly with his knowledge of addiction and treatment placement, direct and warm style, and unwavering ethics. Compassionately holding the process for individuals and families who are impacted by addiction is not only what Joe does-it’s who he is."

Brigitte L. Lank Ph.D. 

Psychologist and Consultant 

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